Painted Desert Sheep
The painted desert sheep are a coloured hair sheep with no polled breeds in their background. They can be loudly coloured or minimally. As we have only had these for a couple years some of our stock is minimally coloured. We would like to work on breeding consistently loud coloured lambs. Rams grow beautiful horns while ewes can be either with or without. The painted desert sheep breed is a newer breed to Canada. Things to keep an eye out for when selecting stock, avoid longer tails (especially those that fall to or below the hock are usually results of hidden polled genetics) sheep that do not shed (wool breeding closely related), and sheep that retain hair on their topline (this is a possible indicator of dorper breeding). Rams with poor horn growth should not be used as breeders, nor should a ewe that consistently produces lambs with poor horn growth. The breed is a work in progress here in Canada and it would be nice to develop animals that are as exceptional as what is produced south of our border. Scurrs and polled rams are disqualified from registry. Ewes can be polled, have scurrs, or horns.
It is good to keep in mind that ewes and rams with minimal colouring can produce lambs that have exceptional colour. We have used some of our American blackbelly ewes and covered them with a painted desert ram and had them produce loud coloured lambs. 

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