Painted Desert Sheep

The painted desert sheep are a coloured hair sheep with no polled breeds in their background. They can be loudly coloured or minimally. As we have only had these for a couple years some of our stock is minimally coloured. We would like to work on breeding consistently loud coloured lambs. Rams grow beautiful horns while ewes can be either with or without. We have decided for our 2017 breeding season to introduce our mouflon ram Heartbreaker to some ewes and see what is produced with the cross. 

We would like to thank Carol Mullen from Armstrong BC at Big Rock Sheep Station for our painted desert rams and six of our painted desert ewes. She imported two rams from Circle C Ranch in Texas a few years ago. We are happy to include and work with those lines on our farm. 
Blessed are they who see beautiful things in humble places where other people see nothing.
     - Camille Pissarro -