In The Coop

Columbia Blue Light Brahma

In 2018 we purchased the start of our Ice Brahma Project. After growing out and selecting birds this past summer we are anxious to beging hatching chicks in 2019. We will have limited numbers of chicks and hatching eggs available as most eggs will be hatched and grown out on the farm for us. We may have pullets available mid-late summer. Should they come available they will be listed on our facebook page. 
Brahmas are beautiful, gentle giants. They lay large light brown eggs, and are considered a dual purpose breed. With their thick plummage, pea combs, shot wattles, and feathered legs, they are a great bird for colder northern climates as they are not as likely to get frost bite as other breeds. 

Wheaten/Blue Wheaten Marans

Crested Cream Legbar

Mars Bars Olive Egger