Big Boulder Farm

This lifestyle is not just about animals. It is about beliefs and values passed down through generations. Ensuring things are left better for those yet to come. It is about the legacy.... 
Proud owners of American Blackbelly and Painted Desert Sheep.
We are working to improve and promote these sheep breeds here in Canada.
Welcome to Big Boulder Farm. We are located near Vanderhoof, the heart of beautiful British Columbia. 

We take pride in the animals we raise and are always working at improving each breed following the breed standard of perfection. We began with our blackbelly sheep and now have included mouflons and painted deserts into our flock. If you have any questions about the animals we raise please feel free to contact us.

Our lambs often sell out fast. We start our waitlists  January 1st of each year for our livestock.  After lambing (mid March into April) we contact people on our waitlist in order based on availability.  Any lambs not spoken for will be listed on our For Sale page.

On the farm nothing is wasted. We work at practicing sustainable living. Animals that do not make good breeding stock are used to provide on the table. We value knowing what goes on our table from beginning to end.

Our Sheep Breeds
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American Blackbelly

Painted Desert